advertising-services-plovdiv-light on-designComplete design of your personal and company vision with advertising services from Light on design studio

We take care of your corporate identity with a full range of advertising services in the field of design, printing and outdoor advertising. The office of the advertising agency is in Plovdiv city, but the art of advertising often leads us further – outside Plovdiv, and higher – in the case of complex high-altitude installation of signboards and any outdoor advertising. The art designer Vanya Stefanova will create your logo and will implement it in all promotional materials – business cards, brochures, letterheads, stickers, labels, catalogs, calendars, invitations, menus, catalogs and more in the field of print advertising. Our team will also carry out the design of your signboards and branding – from installation to guaranteed maintenance of advertising facilities. Do not hesitate to look at all the advertising services we offer, as well as contact the Light On design team for a consultation or meeting.

Outdoor advertising

Design and production of advertising signboards – luminous and volumetric letters, MDF, plexiglas, wood boards; Signs of foil and vinyl. Installation and maintenance of all advertising constructions.

Corporate identity

Logo design and creation of all advvertising materials for your personal and corporate campaigns.

Print advertising

Prepress, file preparation and printing of business cards, menus, labels, calendars, posters and other advertising correspondence. 


Design, print and foil placement of transport advertising, branding of objects and spaces with foil and vinyl – shop windows, shops, offices, restaurants, showrooms, stands.

Drawing Templates

Drawing, cutting with a cutting plotter and formatting templates for all indoor spaces, including children’s rooms.

Installation and maintenance

For your convenience, our advertising services include installation and guaranteed maintenance for the advertising we create.

Why choose Advertising Services from Light on Design?

To get an optimal good advertising product, we work with you throughout the process. From the discussion of variants, through design, project and production, to the realization of advertising materials, you are the main part of our team.

We will add even higher value to our advertising services

Advertising agency Light on – Plovdiv – works with trusted partners in the field of online promotion. We know that website development, maintenance and website SEO optimisation is key to your presence on the web. So – along with the creation of your corporate identity, print advertising materials and placement of advertising boards, branding and other outdoor advertising – we will complete the entire advertising cycle.